Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness: Burlap Curtains!

After finding the dream design for our new vintage romantic bedroom it has been hard to focus on anything else.  Normally I would reveal the design, but for the fun of it I've decided to wait until April when the room complete.  

In the mean time here are a few projects I'm working on for our new bedroom design.  Today's project was Burlap Curtains.  I have been wanting to try this for some time now and finally decided to move on it since I had 40% off coupon to Joann Fabrics.  I was really excited when I arrived and the Burlap was on sale for $2.99 per yard!  I purchased 5 yards for a total of $8.97! 

I started by measuring out the burlap I needed for each panel.  Since the sides of the burlap were finished and I wanted a rough bottom, the only part I had to complete was the top.  After making my cuts I pulled out the iron and ironing board.  I made a large crease and iron it down.
 I ran a strip of Heat 'N Bond along the edge of each crease.
 Next it was just a matter of ironing each crease to bond the two sides together.
 While both panels cooled I took down the existing curtains.  These looked great in our last house, unfortunately I can't say the same for these yellowish-cream-rental house walls.  Not to mention they were a little short due to the windows being higher in this house.
 Thanks to my 40% off coupon, these babies (which were normally $9.99, on sale for $5.99) came to a total of $3.59!
 Just a few clips and the new curtains were up!
 I absolutely love these, they are so wistful and the billow at the bottom adds to the look!  They only took about 20 minutes to make!
Cost Breakdown:
Burlap - $8.97
Heat N Bond - $0 (on hand from dining room curtains)
Curtain Rings - $3.59

Total Curtain Project - $12.56!


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  1. They look great! What are the measurements of your curtains? I'm trying to decide how long and wide to make mine. I have two tall skinny windows that measure 34 1/2" wide. And 9' ceilings. Help!