Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swim Lessons...

With summer around the corner and our little ones love for the water, we knew it was time to start swim lessons.  As a kid I remember growing up in the water and loving every minute of it, so having a little water bug of my own really excites me.  I loved every minute of watching him in the water tonight (daddy took the first class so I could take pictures), daddy said he kept saying "FUN" during the entire class.  I'm guessing he really enjoyed it...
Time for class!
Daddy and Little Man doing the Hokey Pokey!
Kicking to catch the ball!
Floating on his belly with daddies help.
Water and a ball, 2 of his favorite things!
Time to float on your back, needless to say he didn't like that so much! 
With daddy and his ball he was just fine after a few minutes.
Hi Mommy!

And of course he made some friends along the way!
That face says it all!
Happy little man!
Time to learn to jump into the pool!

Class is over, until next week! 

The cutest little water bug after his first swim class!

He looked like such a big boy tonight, it's hard to believe he will be 18 months old in just a few days.  I am such a blessed momma to have such a precious little man.  These swim lessons are going to be a blast, I can't wait until next week!

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