Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Craigslist Treasures...

It's no secret in our house that I love craigslist!  I have found so many great deals, most recently our newly refurbed buffet that I scored for only $25.  I have been wanting to add chairs to our living room, but with a tight budget furniture shopping just isn't on the list of needs.  So enter's craigslist...

Meet Alice and Mabel, my newest projects!  I found Mabel (on the left) for FREE and Alice (on the right) was just $15.  The best part is that they both came from pet free, smoke free homes and they are surprisingly REALLY comfortable...
 Now comes the fun part, deciding how I want to upholster them!  The blue fabric has GOT TO GO!  Print vs solid, dark vs light, who knows.  For now the fabric swatches as camping out on the chairs so I can live with them for awhile.
Although the blue is HIDEOUS I do LOVE how these girls fit in the space.  They give the space a homey feel without obstructing the view out the back.
We still have a ways to go in the living room, but the new chairs are definitely helping!


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