Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY: Va-Va-Va-Vase

Since taking down the Easter decor I decided it was time to start on a summer centerpiece for our dining room table.  A friend had told me about a segment on The Chew where Clinton Kelly had made a summer table scape out of hardware supplies.  After watching the segment on the internet I was inspired and decided I needed to start with a vase.  Enter this beautiful bottle I have had in my stash awaiting the perfect project...
 I pulled out two of my FAVORITE craft supplies, Jute and Mod Podge!  I wanted a vase that was functional and earthy so it wouldn't take away from brightly colored summer flowers...
I started by painting mod podge onto a section and began wrapping the jute over the mod podge.  It did take alot of mod podge and I will admit it was a messy project...
But when I was finished it was worth it.  I decided to make a design in the middle and space out the top to show some of the beautiful glass below.  I put the vase by an open window to help it dry...  
Before to long my vase was dry and I love how mod podge dries clear!  It is the perfect summer vase (if it would hurry up and be summer).  I added the only two flowers we had in our front yard, along with two candles I had on hand.  The candle holders are actually plumbing gaskets that I paid $1.50 for at the HD!
I absolutely LOVE the start of my summer centerpiece.  It has a ways to go, but this is a great start and since I had everything on hand, with the exception of the candle holders, I spend a total of $3.15 for everything, not bad!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up...

If you have been wondering, no I did not fall off the face of the earth, rather our little home got hit with a nasty nasty strain of sickness.  First it was mommy and then baby.  And wouldn't you know it hit the night I posted about my BIG spring cleaning plan.  With a major lack of energy and strength, projects and planning have all been halted.  Not to worry, by this time next week I am sure we will be back in the swing of things.  In the mean time I have some fun projects and great savings to share with you!

Today I am giddy to share with you about my upholstered chair update!  In case you missed it, about a month ago I picked up two great arm chairs on craigslist and paid just $15 between the two (okay one was free so that doesn't count).  Here they are to refresh your memory...
For weeks we have been living with small fabric swatches on the chairs attempting to decide what color would best work within the space.  The more and more I lived with these swatches the more I began to feel like they are WAY to safe.  With all the neutralness in this rented space (including our couch) I really wanted something fun, but not to out there.  The biggest challenges have been the fact that I do want a natural color (incase we want to use it in another room later) and I also want something durable since our little man likes to climb in these chairs.  

After pouring over websites and magazines I found my DREAM fabric in the Ballard Designs catalogue (big surprise).  Not only is it beautiful, but it's indoor/outdoor fabric which means it is durable and wipeable, how brilliant is that!  Only one problem, I have VERY expensive the tune of $350.00 (or $24.99 a yard plus shipping)!  Since this fabric would cost about the same amount as purchasing new chairs, I decided to go on a manhunt for something close.  The absolute closest I found was a special order piece at Joann's...
This beautiful fabric is part of the Waverly Sun and Shade Indoor/Outdoor fabric collection, making it durable and wipeable.  Although it is not as dark, it is almost the exact replica of the Ballard Designs fabric.  However, at 50% off (or $195.00) I knew it was still a stretch.  As soon as I got home I decided to do an internet search.

ENTER MY GIDDINESS....within minutes I found the same fabric on the Online Fabric Stores website.  Imagine my shear excitement when it was listed for $9.25 a yard and free shipping!!!  That's right, I scored my fabric (15 yards total) for just $138.00, bring me under my budget of $150.00!!!  I saved $215.00 total, does that make anyone else giddy!!!

I am SO incredibly excited and cannot wait to get started.  Only 5 days and my beautiful fabric will be here.  I would highly recommend the Online Fabric Store website, they have so many designer fabrics to choose from and at great prices.  With my love of Amy Butler fabric I'm sure I will be visiting there site again very soon!


Monday, April 16, 2012


I found God on my deck.  I promise I'm not crazy, I'm linking up today and you can read more about "Found" on one my favorite blogs Beautifully Rooted.   So lately I have been challenging myself to "Find" God everyday.  As I said I "Found" Him on my deck...

Around here the seasons are changing and with them our little man.  This spring he is a little bit older, a little bit taller, a little more grown up.  It's hard to grasp the fact that time isn't going to slow down and our baby boy won't be a baby for long.  Life has been so busy lately, so many changes, so many things to get in the way of dedicated time with just me and my little man.  So when I saw him standing at the screen door, looking intently at the leaves blowing around, I knew this was a moment I wasn't going to get back.  I slid the door open and out he ran...
Without hesitation he began running around the deck, laughing hysterically as he made circles around me, as if he was playing his own little version of duck, duck, goose...
Pausing momentarily in a curious stare over all the little creatures flying around him or the noise the deck would make when he stomped his feet...
He wasn't worried about missing his favorite cartoon, playing with his favorite toy, what he would eat for lunch, if the house was clean or the laundry was folded.  He simply enjoyed all the little wonders God put around him...
And the only thing he asked of me was my time and attention.  It wasn't in the words he said, but in those eyes and the toothy smile.  It was the way he lit up like a Christmas tree when I ran circles with him.  It was that infectious little laugh when I would chase him from corner to corner...
It was in the way he would take a break just to sit in my lap and talk about the birdies or the kitty that lives next door...
He just wanted me!  In those moment's, on that deck, I "Found" God.  He used the most precious gift He has ever given to me to remind me just how precious I am to Him.  How He longs too for nothing more than time with me.  He reminded me that He doesn't want my clean house, my folded laundry or my next pinterest project, He just wants me!  He reminded me of Matthew 6:26:

Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?

I am worth so much to Him!  He reminded me I need to slow down and not feel like I need to accomplish everything, just enjoy the little moments running around on a deck.  

So run we did, the dishes and laundry will always be there later.


April Showers bring...May-heim???

That's right, April Showers in our house bring about a bit of Mayheim!  Why you ask, well April is traditionally my quarterly spring cleaning month and because disorganization and clutter are like complete mayheim to me, the overhaul of April will keep us from the two being an issue.  What do I love about spring cleaning...EVERYTHING!  SC allows me to keep a grasp on what I own, what I need to donate and what I need to trash.  And since we have not spring cleaned since moving into our current rental (less then 3 months ago) it's about that time.

So here is the plan of attack for the Spring Clean/To-Do List:

Living Room:

  • Organize Buffet (donate anything not used in 6 months)
  • Find new storage for blankets
  • Repurpose old lamp
  • Make window treatment
  • Decide on fabric for arm chairs
  • Deep clean sliding door, buffet, shelf and frames
  • Vacuums out couch (remove cushions)
  • Switch out blanket to summer
Dining Room:
  • Work on "Our House Rules" for the big wall
  • Find MEGA carpet cleaner
  • Summer centerpiece
  • Deep clean window, baseboards and overhead light
Guest Bathroom:
  • Finish decorating
  • Deep clean window and baseboards
Entry Hall:
  • Make summer door hanger
  • Make front door mat
  • Make shoes/purse shelf
  • Make purse hooks
  • Make "Please Remove Your Shoes" decor
  • Deep clean front door and base boards
Coat Closet/Pantry:
  • Pantry shelf re-model
  • Pack up winter coats
  • Donate unused kitchen stuff
  • Install low hooks for little man's jackets
  • Make a menu board
  • Make a weekly calendar/appointment/to do board
  • Clean out cabinets (donate anything not used in 6 months)
  • Find storage solution for wraps and baggies
  • Finish spice jars
  • Deep clean fridge, floors, cabinets, counter tops and window

Master Bedroom:
  • Find a dresser!
  • Clean out closet and donate clothes/shoes 
  • Organize shoe madness
  • Re-organize purses/scarfs/accessories
  • Purchase other side table from antique store
  • Find a free shelf or make one
  • Finish putting up decorations
Full Bath:
  • Re-organize bathroom cabinet
  • Organize make-up
  • Make magnetic make-up tray
  • Find storage/caddy for shower stuff
  • Find hooks for loofa
  • Find free shelf!
Little Man's Room:
  • Short clothes - Change out sizes
  • Pack up 12-18 month clothes and take to basement (too fast...insert VERY sad face!)
  • Clean out closet and prep for makeover
  • Rotate books
  • Sew seam on throw pillow
  • Make more shelving 
Craft Room:
  • Empty remaining boxes
  • Clean and organize closet
  • File all loose papers
  • Look for twin bed, night stand, dresser, etc.
Playroom/Man Cave:
  • Find shelving
  • Make chalk board table top
  • Make curtains
  • Hang lamps
  • Clean kiddie rocking chairs and move them in
  • Find storage solution for dirty laundry
  • Post couch and chair on craigslist
  • Wipe down and organize laundry area
  • Organize dry storage closet
  • Hang storage solution for mop and broom
  • Take old Rx to county for disposal
  • Purge spray paints and take to county for disposal
  • Donate old fridge
  • Organize Christmas into corner
  • Organize dry storage shelves
  • Dispose of old boxes
  • Organize tools
  • Make a wood working/furniture repurposing area
  • Change out curtain to add more light
  • Spray down garage!
  • Back - Rake out leaves in back yard
  • Back - Spray down slider and CLEAN!
  • Back - Spray down slab
  • Back - Hang lights from deck
  • Back - Plant flowers
  • Front - Weed front flower bed
  • Front - Find free chair or swing
  • Deck - Spray down deck
  • Deck - Look for free patio set and swing
  • Deck - Bar-B-Que Grill!
I know it looks like alot to do, but the reward for this hard work is a well organized, well maintained home.  Since my handy hubby loves to help out it makes much of this list go by in a breeze.  If some of the list bleeds over into May, that's okay, after all it is my list, my goals and my plan.  The only one holding me accountable to finish is your's truly.  One thing I refuse to do is allow my list to get in the way of time with my guys, they are my first priority.  

So bring on the rain of projects and the mayheim, I'm ready!


I'm still here...

I promise I have not stopped blogging!  The past two weeks have been filled with family sickness, spring break madness and just life in general.  I have many little projects to post about so stay tuned!  

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Friday...It's only Friday...

Forgive, Saved, Set Free, Set Apart, Child of God...all because He hung on a cross to die for YOU and ME!  Good Friday has always been a very solemn day to me as I remember the sacrifice Christ made so that I might have life eternal.  It is a day that reminds me to refocus my gaze upon Him, to live life with an eternal perspective for no other reason than to glorify the ONE who chose to die for me.  Remembering the call to live a life the Holy and Pleasing to Him.  I still cannot grasp the depths of Grace or the greatness of God that would go to a cross to die for me.  

One of my favorite worship songs expresses it well...

O what love
No greater love
Grace how can it be?
That in my sin, YES even then
He shed His blood for me.

O the blood of Jesus washed me
O the blood of Jesus shed for me
What a sacrifice that saved my life
Yes the blood it is my victory!

But it didn't stop at the cross, that's not the end my friends, oh no....IT'S ONLY FRIDAY...SUNDAY'S COMIN!  

Blessings on the Good Friday!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Sisters...

"I could never love anyone as I love my sisters." ~ Louisa May Alcott

Yep that pretty much says it all.  Love these girls and SO blessed to call them my sister :)