Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're still here!

I know it has been sometime since we posted last, so much has been going on it seems like the days are just flying by.  In the next few days I promise to post LOTS of pics and stats on how baby Jaedon is doing, and even some of the many stories from the weekend he arrived.  Please keep checking by, trust me you don't want to miss a moment!
For now I will just leave you with some teasers :-)
The sweet smile we get after each feeding :-)
Bath time!

Growing is hard work!
Check out them baby blues!
Teaser from the photo shoot!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Meet Baby Jae!

First off let me say thanks for barring with us as we have been adjusting these past few days.  Baby Jaedon is an absolute blessing and such a good baby.  He is extremely content and sleeping about 5-6 hour stretches each night.  He truly is a miracle from the Lord in so many ways.

We have many stories from the weeks prior, to the hospital visit, to his first days home, but those will wait as I know you all are dyeing to see the little man who was so loved and prayed for before he was born.  I am elated to introduce Jaedon Maddox Janson:

First moments of life, 7 years SO WORTH IT!
First feeding, this little boy LOVES to eat!

First family photo, so in love!

He was completely fixated on Patrick

Warm and cozy! He spent the first 6 hours of life with Patrick and I.
Bath time
He is a very long little boy. 

Love the way he stares at Patrick
Bath time is hard work!

Such a cutie pie!

So content

Very alert little one.

Lazy Sunday afternoon. He is just so cute!

Home growin like a weed!  Just love this little man!