Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness....

Happy First Day of March!

It is definitely March Madness around our house and I'm not talking about basketball either!  Our March Madness is all the little projects I have going on at one time.  So for the month of March it is all about completion, not starting anything new until I have completed what is already in the works.  Incase you are just joining us, here's an update:

Buffy the beautiful Buffet and the Twins:
Yes they all have names.  So far these babies have been wiped down with a good cleaner, vacuumed out and had all their doors and hardware removed, I was shocked at how much Buffy sparkled after a good cleaning!  For the moment they are awaiting a good sanding and removal of Buffy's laminate covering.  Since our garage is the hub for all our refurbing, and it is not heated, the process has been on hold.  As much as I want to get it done a 20 degree workspace is not my idea of fun...BRRRRR.  Unfortunately the living room decor is on hold until these 3 are complete, so there is certainly incentive to getting them done!

Dining Room Curtains:
Yes, I have been trying to get to the dining room curtains since we moved in!  The fabric has been purchased, now it's just a matter of getting them done!

Spice Jars:
With some projects you learn what NOT to do, well the spice jars have been one of those.  The jars are just about done, however I managed to ruin 4 of the lids, it was a bit of a spray painting tragedy but more on that later.  Not to worry, I did find replacement lids and they are currently drying.  SO once the lids are finished these babies will only need the final coat of sealer and then they will officially be done :)

Gallery Wall:
This ones been in the works since before we moved...OUI!  We have so many great pictures from our family photo shoot this past fall that is has been near impossible to decide on just a few.  After 5 months I think I finally have it down, now I just need to finish the frames!

Easter Decor:

It's March, time for Valentines to pack up and Easter to move in!  Spring is on it's way :)

Master Bedroom Overhaul:

Our Master Bedroom has been going through an identity crisis since last Summer.  As much as I have had my heart set on a yellow and grey color pallet, it just doesn't jive with the paint color in our rental or our bed frame.  Since I am not getting rid of either anytime soon, the color scheme has been turned on it's head.  I am pretty excited!

Guest Bathroom Beautification:

Presently this is a clean slate, OOOOO I love a clean slate!  I am challenging myself to decorate this little area with as much existing decor as possible.  The storyboard is almost complete, so we'll just see what I end up with!

So there ya go, my own personal MARCH MADNESS.  Let's just see where I end up when all is said and done, 30 days and lots of projects.  How about you, what do you have planned for March?


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