Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness - The Twins Big Reveal

THEY ARE DONE!!! I am SO excited to share the pictures with you.  If you read THIS post you remember the before and how I scored the tables for only $10 on craiglist...

After weeks of sanding, staining, priming, painting and polishing (all noted in my progress HERE ), these beauty's now look like this...
 OH MY GRACIOUS! Are they not the prettiest thing you have ever seen!
 I chose to keep all the hardware dark, which I L-O-V-E against the antique white.
 And I must say I am ABSOLUTELY giddy over how they look with the sofa and my new gallery wall
But the most exciting part is seeing these babies in the same room with the newly refurbed buffet (sorry for the terrible pictures, unfortunately I took them at night)...
I could not be happier with these 3 beautiful pieces of furniture and feel so accomplished knowing I did them myself!  So how about you, have you done any projects recently that you were super proud of?  Send me pictures, I would love to see!


Friday, March 30, 2012

March Madness - Guest Bathroom

With March coming to a close I realized I had yet to complete the guest bathroom.  In an effort to use decor and fabric I had on hand I got to work.  Unfortunately this is about as far as I got at this point...  
I found a cute little vase I had gotten from my favorite little tearoom and added some ranunculus!
 I used some of my favorite fabric and made a no sew layered box curtain...
 On the wall next to the curtain is a sketch of our favorite little B&B in St Augustine, Fl!
There's so much more I want to do with this little room since it sits at the very front of the house, but that will have to wait until budget money (or free craigslist finds) allow.  My to do list presently includes:
  • Ornate Carpet that will fit the center area
  • Small cabinet to hold bathroom supplies
  • Artwork for over the toilet
  • Bold printed towels

March Madness - Spice Jars

You win some, you loose some and then some just take a little reworking.  So it is with my spice jars.  If you read THIS post from March, you remember these...
The plan was for these simple peach jars to become my new spice jars.  Long story short I spray painted each jar and lid, let them dry and then sealed them.  I was excited until...I went to screw the lid on the jar.  Enter my small paint shard issue...
Unfortunately since the jars will hold spices, and shards of paint potentially mixing in with food could be very dangerous, I am having to start from one.  So more peaches it is!  


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swim Lessons...

With summer around the corner and our little ones love for the water, we knew it was time to start swim lessons.  As a kid I remember growing up in the water and loving every minute of it, so having a little water bug of my own really excites me.  I loved every minute of watching him in the water tonight (daddy took the first class so I could take pictures), daddy said he kept saying "FUN" during the entire class.  I'm guessing he really enjoyed it...
Time for class!
Daddy and Little Man doing the Hokey Pokey!
Kicking to catch the ball!
Floating on his belly with daddies help.
Water and a ball, 2 of his favorite things!
Time to float on your back, needless to say he didn't like that so much! 
With daddy and his ball he was just fine after a few minutes.
Hi Mommy!

And of course he made some friends along the way!
That face says it all!
Happy little man!
Time to learn to jump into the pool!

Class is over, until next week! 

The cutest little water bug after his first swim class!

He looked like such a big boy tonight, it's hard to believe he will be 18 months old in just a few days.  I am such a blessed momma to have such a precious little man.  These swim lessons are going to be a blast, I can't wait until next week!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pinterest Project - Our house rules...

This weekend I tackled ALOT of projects including our gallery wall, moving our newly refurbed buffet into place and making a set of house rules.  I had seen these on pinterest and chose a few that I REALLY liked.  I mixed them together and ended up with one for our home and let me say I L-O-V-E it!
 I also found this print out on one of my favorite blogs, Beautifully Rooted, and knew it needed to find a place in our home...
 So both are hangin out in between our dining room and our living room.  Eventually I would like to paint our house rules on a big board to hang in the dining room, it will be a good reminder at dinner each night as our little man grows.

Craigslist Treasures...

It's no secret in our house that I love craigslist!  I have found so many great deals, most recently our newly refurbed buffet that I scored for only $25.  I have been wanting to add chairs to our living room, but with a tight budget furniture shopping just isn't on the list of needs.  So enter's craigslist...

Meet Alice and Mabel, my newest projects!  I found Mabel (on the left) for FREE and Alice (on the right) was just $15.  The best part is that they both came from pet free, smoke free homes and they are surprisingly REALLY comfortable...
 Now comes the fun part, deciding how I want to upholster them!  The blue fabric has GOT TO GO!  Print vs solid, dark vs light, who knows.  For now the fabric swatches as camping out on the chairs so I can live with them for awhile.
Although the blue is HIDEOUS I do LOVE how these girls fit in the space.  They give the space a homey feel without obstructing the view out the back.
We still have a ways to go in the living room, but the new chairs are definitely helping!


March Madness - Buffy Big Reveal!

SHE'S DONE!  After a couple weeks of hard work stripping, sanding, staining, priming, painting, sealing...she is finally done and in her new home!  Just to refresh your memory....

AFTER: (Nasty laminate be gone...)

 She now has a beautiful dark stained top...

It's really hard to believe this baby was a $25 craigslist discard and now she is a beautiful little piece of furniture!  The work was all worth it!


March Madness - Gallery Wall

Since moving into our current house I have had the strong desire to put up a gallery wall, due in part to the fact we have some amazing pictures from our little ones first birthday (thanks to the crazy amazing talent of Amy Grebe Photography).  This weekend I decided it was time to get this baby up.  

First off let me just say putting up a gallery wall, NOT EASY!  It was harder than I thought it would be, mainly just configuring the way you want the pictures.  I searched pinterest and several other websites and thought I knew what I wanted.  I tried the whole cut paper and tape it to the wall, but honestly it didn't cut it for this overly visual chickadee...
After seeing all those pieces of paper I finally decided to go about this a different way.  I started by pulling out all the available frames I had, that I wanted to use.  I decided where the middle would be, based on the placement of the couch, and worked my way out from there.  I used the top of the area rug to be sure it would all be straight (the hubby got a good laugh out of that one).  This is what I ended up with...
My little helper came over to supervise my work :).
I had SO MANY frames in boxes, by doing it this way I was able to save money by using what I had.  After I did a little measuring and adjusting it was time to get hanging.  Now measuring this would have been murder, so instead we decided to use wax paper (since we had some on hand :)) to make the a template for the wall.  We ran 2 pieces across the back of the frames (sorry forgot to take a picture before I hung the top piece on the wall, but you get the idea).  We taped the wax paper to the end frames...
 Then it was just a matter of locating all the picture hangers and marking their locations with a pen...
After all the picture hangers had been located, we very carefully taped the wax paper to wall using the center marks as a guide.  We took one of the frames and held it up to the top to be sure we had the height we were looking for...
 Then it was just a matter of hammering nails into all the marks...
Once all the nail had been hammered in we pulled down the wax paper.  We took our pictures we printed at home, put them in the frames, hung them up and viola!  Our gallery wall was complete!
To break up all the pictures we chose one of our favorite songs to put in the frame on the far left and placed a nice big J in the mix...
I have to say I L-O-V-E my gallery wall.  By using the wax paper I didn't have to move a single nail, that's a first for me!  It has added so much to the room and made the big space feel warm.  My total cost for this gallery wall was $6, thanks to the Dollar Tree and the fact that we decided to print our own pictures, which turned out beautifully!

But my favorite part of this whole project, watching our little guy enjoy playing with the wax paper after it came off the wall :)....