Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness: Easter Table Scape...

One of my favorite home projects is changing out my table scape with each holiday/season!  With the conclusion of Valentines/February it was time for a little Easter Decor.  I pulled out the items I used last year and began to put together my table scape.  
In no time my table was set, but it seemed to be missing something.  Did it need small place mats, perhaps a table runner!  I wanted to have a little more green to tie in my new no sew curtains and possibly more pink.  After I few minutes I remembered the remnants of classic bunny fabric I had from a past project.  
Using some left over Heat 'N Bond I made a simple small table runner.  I have learned with a very active 1 year old you don't leave anything hanging over the side of a table!
It seemed to be the piece I was missing.  It fills in the space without being overwhelming.
I LOVE this new addition to my table scape!  The jury is still out on the placemat size and color.

So what do you think?


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