Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Window Watching...

 Our current rental is full of nice large windows letting in lots of light.  In most all the rooms it's not an issues, however the nice L-A-R-G-E window in the main bathroom that faces the street...that's a bit of an issue.  Shortly after we moved in I went to Target and found a bubble curtain on clearance for $4! I'm not a huge bubble curtain fan, but this baby matched the bathroom and was a good deal.  
So far the curtain has worked well, however the way it was constructed shows that it was not intended to be raised and lowered on daily basis.  
My original plan was to restructure this curtain into a roman shade, which may happen at one point in time, but as for the moment we just needed a quick fix.  In the spirit of using what you already own, I went on a little hunt....enter old shade:
 In our last rental this baby was in our Master Bathroom, but since our current rental only has 1 full bathroom we packed this shade away.  I measured the shade and it fit perfectly in the space.  Armed with a drill and two screws this baby was up in a matter of moments!
 Now I know what your thinking...THAT DOESN'T MATCH AT ALL!  I know because it is exactly what my hubby said, but not to worry it is perfectly hidden when we don't need it!
Trust me if this was our house I picture this window with some beautiful shutters, but for now this little fix will work.  And the best part was the price...$0, Zero, Zip, Zilch!  


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