Monday, March 5, 2012

March Madness: Weekend Warrior...

This past weekend I decided it was time to get a few projects marked off the list!  Since it was a bit to cold and windy to be sanding furniture in the garage, I chose a few indoor tasks.  First on the list was completing the curtains for the dining room.

In our last rental we had a small window in the kitchen and a large window in the dining room.  To save money I made some no sew curtains for both windows.  Unfortunately the kitchen curtain was far to small for the kitchen window in our currently rental, so I chose to use the existing dining room curtain in the kitchen:

That left us with a large dining room window and no curtain.  I wanted to live in the space for a bit before we decided on what to do with the DR window.  After a few weeks and tossing around a few idea's, I landed back on the current curtain fabric.  I really do love this print and it already works with our decor.  So I headed off to hobby lobby to pick up 3 yards and my best friend "Heat N Bond"!

Armed with my iron, ironing board & scissors, I started the no sew project.  In a little under an hour these babies were finished!

 Aren't they cute!  I do love the way they frame the window and mesh with the wall color which seems to have a bit of a green undertone that the camera doesn't quite pick up.   Since we cannot paint the walls working with the currently color has been a bit tricky.

A few side notes about my no sew curtains:

Yes, those are pole pockets at the top and Heat 'n Bond does a fabulous job with that as well.  Initially I was going to use the same clips as the kitchen, but decided not to spend the money.
No, they are not lined.  Since these 2 windows (kitchen and DR) are a major source of light for the main floor I wanted light to bleed through.
No, they do not close all the way.  I would have needed about 6 yards of fabric for full curtains.  I chose not to make them full curtains because our main floor is actually the second floor from the back side, which is where the dining room window is located.  We have a drop off in our backyard so our view is completely unobstructed.  Simply no need for a full curtain.

So there you have it, project one of March Madness is complete!  Did you do any fun projects this weekend?


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