Monday, April 16, 2012

April Showers bring...May-heim???

That's right, April Showers in our house bring about a bit of Mayheim!  Why you ask, well April is traditionally my quarterly spring cleaning month and because disorganization and clutter are like complete mayheim to me, the overhaul of April will keep us from the two being an issue.  What do I love about spring cleaning...EVERYTHING!  SC allows me to keep a grasp on what I own, what I need to donate and what I need to trash.  And since we have not spring cleaned since moving into our current rental (less then 3 months ago) it's about that time.

So here is the plan of attack for the Spring Clean/To-Do List:

Living Room:

  • Organize Buffet (donate anything not used in 6 months)
  • Find new storage for blankets
  • Repurpose old lamp
  • Make window treatment
  • Decide on fabric for arm chairs
  • Deep clean sliding door, buffet, shelf and frames
  • Vacuums out couch (remove cushions)
  • Switch out blanket to summer
Dining Room:
  • Work on "Our House Rules" for the big wall
  • Find MEGA carpet cleaner
  • Summer centerpiece
  • Deep clean window, baseboards and overhead light
Guest Bathroom:
  • Finish decorating
  • Deep clean window and baseboards
Entry Hall:
  • Make summer door hanger
  • Make front door mat
  • Make shoes/purse shelf
  • Make purse hooks
  • Make "Please Remove Your Shoes" decor
  • Deep clean front door and base boards
Coat Closet/Pantry:
  • Pantry shelf re-model
  • Pack up winter coats
  • Donate unused kitchen stuff
  • Install low hooks for little man's jackets
  • Make a menu board
  • Make a weekly calendar/appointment/to do board
  • Clean out cabinets (donate anything not used in 6 months)
  • Find storage solution for wraps and baggies
  • Finish spice jars
  • Deep clean fridge, floors, cabinets, counter tops and window

Master Bedroom:
  • Find a dresser!
  • Clean out closet and donate clothes/shoes 
  • Organize shoe madness
  • Re-organize purses/scarfs/accessories
  • Purchase other side table from antique store
  • Find a free shelf or make one
  • Finish putting up decorations
Full Bath:
  • Re-organize bathroom cabinet
  • Organize make-up
  • Make magnetic make-up tray
  • Find storage/caddy for shower stuff
  • Find hooks for loofa
  • Find free shelf!
Little Man's Room:
  • Short clothes - Change out sizes
  • Pack up 12-18 month clothes and take to basement (too fast...insert VERY sad face!)
  • Clean out closet and prep for makeover
  • Rotate books
  • Sew seam on throw pillow
  • Make more shelving 
Craft Room:
  • Empty remaining boxes
  • Clean and organize closet
  • File all loose papers
  • Look for twin bed, night stand, dresser, etc.
Playroom/Man Cave:
  • Find shelving
  • Make chalk board table top
  • Make curtains
  • Hang lamps
  • Clean kiddie rocking chairs and move them in
  • Find storage solution for dirty laundry
  • Post couch and chair on craigslist
  • Wipe down and organize laundry area
  • Organize dry storage closet
  • Hang storage solution for mop and broom
  • Take old Rx to county for disposal
  • Purge spray paints and take to county for disposal
  • Donate old fridge
  • Organize Christmas into corner
  • Organize dry storage shelves
  • Dispose of old boxes
  • Organize tools
  • Make a wood working/furniture repurposing area
  • Change out curtain to add more light
  • Spray down garage!
  • Back - Rake out leaves in back yard
  • Back - Spray down slider and CLEAN!
  • Back - Spray down slab
  • Back - Hang lights from deck
  • Back - Plant flowers
  • Front - Weed front flower bed
  • Front - Find free chair or swing
  • Deck - Spray down deck
  • Deck - Look for free patio set and swing
  • Deck - Bar-B-Que Grill!
I know it looks like alot to do, but the reward for this hard work is a well organized, well maintained home.  Since my handy hubby loves to help out it makes much of this list go by in a breeze.  If some of the list bleeds over into May, that's okay, after all it is my list, my goals and my plan.  The only one holding me accountable to finish is your's truly.  One thing I refuse to do is allow my list to get in the way of time with my guys, they are my first priority.  

So bring on the rain of projects and the mayheim, I'm ready!


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