Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up...

If you have been wondering, no I did not fall off the face of the earth, rather our little home got hit with a nasty nasty strain of sickness.  First it was mommy and then baby.  And wouldn't you know it hit the night I posted about my BIG spring cleaning plan.  With a major lack of energy and strength, projects and planning have all been halted.  Not to worry, by this time next week I am sure we will be back in the swing of things.  In the mean time I have some fun projects and great savings to share with you!

Today I am giddy to share with you about my upholstered chair update!  In case you missed it, about a month ago I picked up two great arm chairs on craigslist and paid just $15 between the two (okay one was free so that doesn't count).  Here they are to refresh your memory...
For weeks we have been living with small fabric swatches on the chairs attempting to decide what color would best work within the space.  The more and more I lived with these swatches the more I began to feel like they are WAY to safe.  With all the neutralness in this rented space (including our couch) I really wanted something fun, but not to out there.  The biggest challenges have been the fact that I do want a natural color (incase we want to use it in another room later) and I also want something durable since our little man likes to climb in these chairs.  

After pouring over websites and magazines I found my DREAM fabric in the Ballard Designs catalogue (big surprise).  Not only is it beautiful, but it's indoor/outdoor fabric which means it is durable and wipeable, how brilliant is that!  Only one problem, I have VERY expensive the tune of $350.00 (or $24.99 a yard plus shipping)!  Since this fabric would cost about the same amount as purchasing new chairs, I decided to go on a manhunt for something close.  The absolute closest I found was a special order piece at Joann's...
This beautiful fabric is part of the Waverly Sun and Shade Indoor/Outdoor fabric collection, making it durable and wipeable.  Although it is not as dark, it is almost the exact replica of the Ballard Designs fabric.  However, at 50% off (or $195.00) I knew it was still a stretch.  As soon as I got home I decided to do an internet search.

ENTER MY GIDDINESS....within minutes I found the same fabric on the Online Fabric Stores website.  Imagine my shear excitement when it was listed for $9.25 a yard and free shipping!!!  That's right, I scored my fabric (15 yards total) for just $138.00, bring me under my budget of $150.00!!!  I saved $215.00 total, does that make anyone else giddy!!!

I am SO incredibly excited and cannot wait to get started.  Only 5 days and my beautiful fabric will be here.  I would highly recommend the Online Fabric Store website, they have so many designer fabrics to choose from and at great prices.  With my love of Amy Butler fabric I'm sure I will be visiting there site again very soon!


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