Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY: Menu Board

I confess I am one of those crazy menu planners and weekly I try to get my menu's up on the blog (that is when we are not dealing with the plague of sickness!).  Since I have a terrible memory I decided I needed a menu board in our kitchen.  If this were not a rental we would already have a chalkboard painted on the end of one of the cabinets, but since that is not an option I decided to make a hanging one.  

First task was to find something in the house I could use instead of purchasing something new.  I found a great piece of wood on one of the pantry shelves.  Since the pantry/coat closet (yes it is both, more on that another time) is getting a make over I knew I wouldn't be using it...
 So out to the garage this cute little board went.  Using some chalkboard spray paint I had I hand, I sprayed down one side.  I gave the board 2 heavy coats, allowing a day in between each coat.
After spraying the board I drilled two tiny holes at the top for a ribbon and viola!
Isn't it cute!  I am really surprised how easy this project was.  It is so much fun changing out the decor on the board weekly.  It is a nice addition to the kitchen (so sorry for the terrible lighting, forgot to get a daytime picture)...
Eventually I am hoping for a family command center in this area, but for now this is a much needed improvement.


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