Saturday, November 13, 2010

Month One!

Unbelievable seems to be the best way to describe our first month as parents to precious baby Jaedon.  We are completely in love with this little guy and daily thank God for the miraculous gift He has given us.  I still cannot fully grasp all that has transcribe in just 8 weeks, it is nothing short of God's goodness.

By now I had hoped to blog about the weekend Jaedon came into this world, but the emotions are still so raw.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about or pray for Jaedon's birth mother, whom I lovingly will call "Grace" (for privacy, but really because that describes her so well), tears are not far behind.  I am missing her so very much and look forward to the time when we will be able to see her again.  She is an incredible woman and we love her more than we could ever express in words.  Lord willing I can share more about her in future blogs...stay tuned.

SO how was month one???
At the risk of gushing I will say Jaedon is one amazing baby!  He is a very docile and content little guy.  Even in dealing with acid reflux these past few weeks, he has been so content.  He seems to be growing like a weed.  At our last visit (3weeks) Jaedon measured 9.5 lbs, 21" long.   He is a very active, strong baby.  By far his favorite part of the day is bath time.   He LOVES to be naked, which is evident by the big toothless smile he gives us each night as we get him undressed.  
Nights are so peaceful in our house, often Jaedon is drifting off to sleep on the changing table as we get him dressed for bed.  We spend each night praying over him and for his birth family, and make it a point to put him to bed together at the same time each night.  Jaedon has become a very routine baby to say the least, we truly are blessed.
I could go on and on and on, what can I say I am a very proud mama and love my son SO MUCH!    

AND how are we doing???
We are great!  Jaedon seems to be attaching to us without any issues, which I would attribute mainly to the few days we spent with him in the hospital prior to bringing him home.  We are so grateful to "Grace" for all she sacrificed for us to help this transition, she is such an amazing woman.
Thanks to the advice of our pediatrician, Jaedon started sleeping 6.5 hour stretches through the night at just 2 weeks old and just this past week he moved to a stretch of 8 hours!  
Since Jaedon is bottle/formula fed we have been splitting his feedings in the early morning hours.  I am SO BLESSED to have such an amazing husband who takes part in every aspect of Jaedon's life.  The time Patrick has spent with Jaedon is evident in how much Jaedon has attached to his daddy. 
Jaedon's smile melts our hearts and brings tears to our eyes, we cannot imagine life without him.  The hardest part has been working out the issues with his acid reflux.  Watching your child go through pain is by far one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced.  Daily I am reminded just how much we need to rely on the Lord for direction in raising this little guy.  WE JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!

AND how is Roxy???
Surprisingly Roxy has taken a serious liking to Jaedon.  Where ever Jaedon goes, Roxy is not far behind.  It is not uncommon for Roxy to sleep at the foot of Jaedon's bouncer or underneath his swing.  She has become a very protective little dog, which is evident in how she growls at anyone she is not familiar with who gets close to Jaedon.  It is the first time we have ever heard her bark and growl!  The cutest part is seeing her bring Jaedon all of her toys and wait patiently, we are not sure she understands that Jaedon cannot play with her, SO CUTE!  We are blessed she has adjusted to Jaedon so well.  
Roxy bringing Jaedon a toy

Roxy close by Jaedon on the couch

Roxy overseeing bath time

So there you have it.  We continue to be blessed by all the prayers and encouragement we have received from friends, family and those we have never even met.  Stay tuned for pics from baby Jaedon's newborn shoot, for now here as some pics from month one!

Jaedon talking to Auntie Megan

Jaedon napping with Auntie Elee

Jaedon and Mommy at the Pumpkin Patch.  Looks like mommy already has her pumpkin :-)
Auntie Keke with Jaedon at Pumpkin Patch

Our family at the Pumpkin Patch for the first time!

Bump it! (this ones for my family)

To sweet!
Nap time at home

So peaceful

Smiley Boy!  We are FAR to blessed!


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  1. ok first of all, he is an absolutely beautiful baby. secondly, i wonder if i'll ever NOT cry when i see pictures of you holding your son. still thrilled for the janson three. :)