Monday, November 15, 2010

A camera, a mom and precious boy....

What do you get when you combine a proud mom with a precious baby and throw in one sweet camera....MONTHLY PHOTO SHOOTS!  Actually to be completely honest my camera has not seen its bag since Jaedon came home.  Not a day goes by that I am not shooting picture after picture.  Since Jaedon was born October 1st it only seemed fitting to have his 1 month photo shoot in his Halloween Costume!  Of course this is just the first of many shoots to come.  Hope you enjoy the pics, this is just a few.  Stay tuned for infant shoot photo's, they are AWESOME!!!!

He's praising Jesus :-)

The cutest little giraffe!


  1. I just simply love him! Dear sweetness!

  2. just too much cute!!!!love him soooo blessed to know i am his aunt!!!

  3. oh these are so sweet. and beautiful words heather (that most recent post.) and that last pic? GIG EM AGGIES.

  4. amy, he's not saying gig em aggies, he's giving his auntie courtney a thumbs up on his new blanket :)
    and i ditto on the most recent post. very well said. i still get giddy when i think of jaedon's story and the three of you and how God is perfect in every way and never ceases to amaze. so blessed.