Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're still here!

I know it has been sometime since we posted last, so much has been going on it seems like the days are just flying by.  In the next few days I promise to post LOTS of pics and stats on how baby Jaedon is doing, and even some of the many stories from the weekend he arrived.  Please keep checking by, trust me you don't want to miss a moment!
For now I will just leave you with some teasers :-)
The sweet smile we get after each feeding :-)
Bath time!

Growing is hard work!
Check out them baby blues!
Teaser from the photo shoot!


  1. call me crazy, but he LOOKS LIKE YOU!!!! He really does. He is perfect. Beyond perfect!!! awwwwwwww

  2. He's so sweet! Can't wait to see more pics! So when is his first trip to NM?

  3. LOVE the teaser pic. he is ADORABLE. you know how babies look like aliens when they come out? he doesn't! he's beautiful!! so happy for y'all. <3

  4. He is soooo beautiful! Truly! I'm so happy for you guys I'm just in tears. Treasure every moment they will go by in a flash! I know of no other couple who deserves to be parents more! God bless the three of you and all your adventures as parents of a perfect boy!

  5. Patrick and Heather... I am so excited and praising the Lord for you! He is beautiful! You are in for the adventure of a lifetime!