Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Well-intentioned...

...Business man on the airplane who scoffed at my crying 6 week old,
...Breast feeding mom who implied I was a selfish mother for using formula,
...Lady at the MVD who scolded me and implied I didn't know how to discipline my 12 month old,
...Elderly couple who remarked about my child not having a winter hat on,
...Young mom who implied I was abusing my child for giving him vaccinations,
...Man in the mall who made note of my shoeless child and bad parenting because of it,
...Mom with her teenage son who yelled at me in the parking lot for not putting my cart in the corral,

While I'm sure you are a very nice individual, with very good intentions, I'm sure you didn't realize...

...this was my first flight with an infant ever. baby is adopted, breastfeeding was not an option.
...I had been there for 3 hours, missing his nap time.
...I drove 35 hours to move and his hat was buried in the back seat.
...I did my homework and made an educated decision.
...he had just taken them off.
...I had a toddler in his car seat and didn't want to leave him alone.

You see I am new mom and while I make mistakes I am striving each day to take good care of my baby.  So please have patients and grace for me, I am doing the best job I know how.

New Mom

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