Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweet 16...

My Precious Little Man,

Today you turn 16 months old, WOW!  I look at that number and wonder where time has gone.  It just doesn't seem possible that you are growing so fast.  I feel as though I blink and another month has flown by.  I am amazed at all the things you are doing and saying.  You repeat so many words we say, which means mommy and daddy have to watch what they say.  You love to climb, run and play chase each night before bed.  You are so active and yet I am amazed how you will just sit in my lap, completely still, while I read to you.  You love to be read to!  You are a smart little man, constantly trying to figure out how things work and how to take apart everything you touch.  You love music and balls more than anything else.  You sing and dance all the time,  I just love hearing you sing Jesus Loves Me with mommy each night.

You love to talk and you are saying so many new things in your own little way:
"Bou" = Ball
"Backit Bou" = Basketball
"Boot Bou" = Football
"Poon" = Spoon
"Pone" = Phone
"Iee" = Hi
"Whoa" = Hello
"Jaedee" = Jaedy :) Your learning your name
"Papa" = Grandpa, Grandma's not to happy about that one :)
"Thant Chu" = Thank you
"Besh Chu" = Bless you
"Dedus" = Jesus, Mommy LOVES hearing you say that!
You also are learning to say your auntie and uncles names, I have to say "megan" is my favorite so far :).

Today you shocked mommy when you strung words together in a sentence for the first time, not once but twice.  I asked you if you wanted to call daddy and you said "Dadee phone, okay" and shook your head yes.  You sure do love your daddy, or "Dadeeeeee", so much.  You light up every time you hear his voice, even if it is just on the phone.  You even said "Wuv You" to daddy for the first time as he left for work this morning, it made his day and mine :).

January you made a big move to New York with mommy and daddy.  You rode 35 hours in the car, passed through 6 states, stayed in 3 hotels and saw alot of neat things along the way.  Through it all you were a champ!  Mommy loved playing hide and seek with you in the mirror or seeing you wave to people driving by.  You have experienced alot in the past month and you have brought more joy than you can possibly know.  Jesus has used you, little one, in ways you do not comprehend.

I feel like time is passing so quickly and I do my best to cherish each moment with you. Nightly I am reminded how blessed I am that Jesus has given me another day to be your mommy.  As much as I love seeing you grow, I wish time could slow down.  I know before long you will be all grown up, but I hope you will always know how much mommy loves you.  There are times mommy will make mistakes but I hope you never forget my love, I will:

Always read to you
Always hold you hand
Always kiss your boo boo's
Always dry your tears
Always sing you to sleep
Always dance with you
Always listen
Always answer when you ask why
Always be your biggest fan
Always cheer you on
Always discipline you
Always teach you to be gentle and polite
Always laugh with you
Always spur you on to Jesus
Always be there for you
Because I will always be your mommy!

So happy 16 month birthday my precious gift, my little love!   Keep growing, just not to fast.


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