Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In A Word Wednesday...

Well our sentence phase has rapidly turned into the conversation phase!  Our little man loves to jabber on and REALLY loves to talk with mommy and daddy.  Even when he's in his crib napping you will hear him talking or singing over the monitor until he finally falls asleep.  I adore him so much and I love this phase in his little life.

Here are a few conversations we had just this week...

Pulling into the garage...
    • Little Man: "Tennis...Racket"
    • Mommy: "Where sweetie?"
    • Little Man: "Right Dare.  Two tennis...racket" (pointing at the rackets on the wall)

Getting ready for bathtime...
  • Mommy: "Are you ready to take a bath?" 
  •  Little Man: "Yes, yes! Bath disa-bubble bath too, fruog too?"  
  •  Mommy: "Yes you may have Mr. Bubble and frog too" 
  •  Little Man: "Yeah, disa-bubble, fruog" (laughing and shaking his head)

Morning Routine (when he wakes up)...

    • Little Man: "Mommy, where are you?"
    • Mommy: "Good morning!"
    • Little Man: "Daddy go?"
    • Mommy: "Where did daddy go?"
    • Little Man: "Daddy go work." (nodding his head)
    • Mommy: "That's right daddy did go to work and where does daddy work?"
    • Little Man: "Church! Daddy go work, church...yeah."

Story Time...

    • Mommy: "What books do you want to read?"
    • Little Man: "Bible book....baby signs....lama"
    • Mommy: "Who's in your bible books?"
    • Little Man:  "Noah....Jesus....puppy dog too"

One afternoon while I was checking email on my laptop...

    • Little Man: "Pway, Close it!"
    • Mommy:  "Close what sweetie"
    • Little Man:  (walking over and shutting my laptop lid)  "No, Close it! Pway, shwizbee"
    • Mommy:  "Where do you want me to go play frizbee?"
    • Little Man:  (Grabbing my hand and pulling me to the hall) "Seet (sit) down, pway shwizbee"
    • Mommy: "Okay mommy sit.
    • Little Man:  "YAY, shwizbee, can jam it!"

More vocab...
Lately our little man has been saying some hilariously cute words and with that his current words are changing, which is both exciting and heartbreaking at the same time.  Never before have I felt time was going by as fast as it is now.

Here are a few of his latest:

    • Disa-bubble = Mr. Bubble
    • Too-ed = Tooted (thanks to a kids song :-/, he loves to say "Mommy too-ed, daddy too-ed, doggie too-ed.  As you can imagine this makes mommy really happy...arg)
    • Woshie = Lotion
    • Shwizbee = NEW! Frisbee
    • No much, no much! = So much, so much
    • No wike it = No like it
    • Bee-chu = Beat you (when we race :))
    • My schuggars = My Sugars (when we give him kisses :))
    • Can Jam It! (anytime he throws the frisbee)
    • Mommy baby kwy-in.  (anytime he hears a baby cry. sorry that one is hard to spell!)
    • Drive, cool car. (anytime he wants to go for a ride in the car)
    • Pee pee in potty (NO, we are not potty training just yet)
    • Daddy Sing Song
    • Pucky Dog is now Puppy Doggie
Learning his name...
We are currently working on teaching our little guy to say his name and learn to recognize the letters.  You can imagine my excitement after a week of asking him how to spell his name he actually said "O"!  Of course that is the only letter, but it's a reoccurring letter in both his first and middle name, progress baby!  He is absolutely obsessed with his middle name so if you ask him what his name is he will most likely respond with "Maaaa-nix" (Maddox).  He says it in the CUTEST WAY!!! I love that he is recognizing his own name!  

Current Fav...
This week my favorite part has been hearing him recite his prayers back to me.  It goes something like this:
  • Mommy: "Now I lay me"
  • LM: "Now way me"
  • Mommy: "Down to sleep"
  • LM:  "Down seep"
  • Mommy: "I pray the Lord" 
  • LM:  "Pray ward"
  • Mommy: "My soul to keep"
  • LM:  "Soul keep"
  • Mommy: "And Jesus watch me"
  • LM: "Jedus wach"
  • Mommy: "Through the night"
  • LM:  "Night"
  • Mommy: "Keep me safe"
  • LM:  "Keep....safe"
  • Mommy: "Till mornings light"
  • LM:  "A-MEN!"
Did I mention he closes his eyes and folds his hands the entire time!  I honestly do not know how it is possible that he is picking this up at 21 months, but paint me a proud mama.  He is learning to pray and oh how I love it!


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  1. This is so sweet!! I love reading your stories!