Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In a word...

This week our little one has moved into sentence mode!  I have to admit, as hard as it is to hear him sound so grown up, it is stinkin' adorable.  Here are just a few of the things he has been saying:

  • "Where mommy/daddy go?"
  • "Thank you mommy/daddy"
  • "Milk please mommy"
  • "Daddy/Mommy go bye bye"
  • "Please have it" or "Please have some"
  • "Go bye bye, cool car" (when he wants to go for a ride in the car)
  • "Daddy/Mommy read book"
  • "I you-ya no much" (I love you so much. For some reason it is "no much" instead of "so much")
  • "Via-min time please" (vitamin time, he loves his vitamins!)
  • "Go pee-pee/poo-poo on the potty" (we are working on potty training)
  • "Go down-ner, puwa wif it" (down there and play with it are ADORABLE! going to miss those)
  • "Ro-sy go ni-night" (when we leave and Roxy "Ro-sy" goes in her box)
I keep forgetting to write down what he says as he says it, somehow I think I will just magically remember but I never do :(.  I am sad to say several of the cute little words he would say in his own language are now forming into the proper pronunciation:
  • Don-on is now Donna
  • Durama is now Grandma
  • Basidas is slowly becoming basketball
  • Bees-bow is now baseball
But even with these changes "I you-ya"(I love you) still remains the same and I LOVE IT!  We are frequently told that our little one has a huge vocabulary (not even joking, at least 10 strangers made remarks about it just this week) but to be completely honest we don't know any different.  To us he is just a growing little man who talks alot!  We have been asked what we have done and I have absolutely no idea, it is truly just the way God designed him.  We read ALOT of books and have always made it a point to have conversations with him, but does that make the difference?  Like I said we have no idea, he is our first so we have nothing to compare him to.  To this mommy and daddy he is just our little boy, growing up WAY to fast and amazing us every step of the way!


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