Friday, June 8, 2012

Chair war, croup and a few changes...

Well if your wondering where I have been, let's just say it's been a month! And it's not even half over!

First off the projects haven't stopped, OH NO, I am deep in the throws of an all out WAR with one wingback chair.  Let's just say I WILL NOT be upholstering the second one and a post is coming on the reality of upholstering furniture.  It has not been pretty ladies and gents, it has not been fun, but it is almost done (after 2 weeks!).  If you haven't caught my disdain for this project, just wait!

Unfortunately our poor little love came down with croup!  For the love of Peet, could we just be well for once!  Sick baby/mommy after a while just simply wears you down.  I am so grateful he is such a happy baby all the time, even when he doesn't feel well.  Thankfully it has been a mild case of croup and we caught it early.  When your hubby's job is ministering to a large group of youth, these things are bound to happen.

And speaking of our wonderful students, we are approaching the busy season of graduation, grad parties and missions trips.  It keeps us running, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Finally, who doesn't love a little bit of change every now and then :)...

Over the past few months this blog has focused more on DIY projects than on the life of our family.  It seems daily our little love is growing up SO fast, I feel like I forget things he has done or said.  The point of this blog was to have a record of our little loves life that I could print out yearly and have bound into a book.  At this stage in the game that book would have alot of neat DIY projects, but very little of the everyday.  What kid is really jazzed to read about his mom's crazy adventures with stripping furniture or waring with reupholstering a chair. So to help myself out, and give our little one a record of all the fun things we did as he grew up, I have decided to move all DIY projects to a new blog, leaving the content of this blog strictly about our family, our journeys through infertility and our passion for adoption.  Stay tuned I promise to let you know when it's ready.

Now your all caught up, I know it's not the most exciting post, but cheer up and look at some cutie pie pictures of our little man on Mother's Day!
He was very proud, he picked mommy a flower all by himself :)
By far the most blessed mama on the planet!
Check out those eyelashes! 
Love him so stinkin much!!!


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