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September 15th, 2010...

September 15th, 2010...
The day began much like any other.  I woke to the annoying sound of the alarm and I slowly pulled myself out of bed.  I rushed to get ready for work, made a quick cup of coffee, grabbed my keys, kissed the hubby and headed out the door.  The drive from home to work took an average of 45 minute, a long time to think and pray.  It had been over a week and we patiently waited for news.  As much as I hoped for good news, my heart was prepared for the worst.  We had been down this road before and had become a bit guarded.  Each process takes with it apart of your heart, needless to say apart of my heart will always be in El Salvador and Taiwan.
I had spent the night prior in prayer, the Lord had some "heart surgery" to do on me, but that is for another blog.  I had a new outlook this morning and my heart was at peace. The rush of adrenaline from the prior weeks events had worn off and we were in a holding pattern, as we had come to call it.   I knew if the answer was no it was not a punishment, but rather just another part of our adoption story.
Settling into work I did my best to concentrate.  It was 8:00am and I was in full swing with my daily routine.  About 9:20am my cell phone began vibrating, it was our adoption councilor.  I flew out the door and down the front steps to the same place I had stood for each of our conversations.  I held my breath and answered.  On the other end our sweet adoption councilor, whose peaceful and pleasant demeanor could be felt through the phone.  We made pleasant conversation, I paced back and forth just waiting for the news.
Finally the moment came, I could feel my heart begin to race.  This was it.  A moment later she said perhaps the 3 most amazing words I have ever heard:

"She chose you..."

Immediately I feel to my knees and began weeping.  Few things are etched on my mind like that moment.  7 years of waiting, hoping, longing, praying had come to this moment in time.  I could not have scripted it better, only the power of a mountain moving, awe inspiring, jaw dropping God could have written our story so beautifully.  I apologized for being so taken by the news, I could hear her smile through the phone and in a shaky voice I could tell she was rejoicing with us.  She asked us to keep the news quiet (with the exception of family) until she could speak with the families who had not been chosen.  She explained the details of the impending birth and additional meetings with the birthmother.  As excited as I was the reality of adoption kicked in and the warnings of the potential for the birthmother to change her mind.  She gave me time to ask questions and then we wrapped up our conversation.  Hanging up the phone I simply could not believe what I had heard.
I collected myself and quickly dialed the hubby's number.  He answered and immediately the tears came rushing in.  I uttered the words as best I could "Your going to be a daddy, she chose us"!  I wish I could have seen the look on his face (hindsight for all adoptive couples, be sure you tell your spouse in person) but I can still hear his shaking voice today "Wow, really, wow. Thank you Lord".  For those of you who know my hubby, he is a man of many words, however in this moment he had very little to say.  I relayed all the information to him as best I could and we prayed together.  I truly believe we were both so in awe we simply were at a loss for words, we just couldn't believe it.
Much of the rest of the day remains a blur.  I remember calling family, finishing out the work day (I still have no idea how) and heading home early to celebrate.  Finally around 7:30pm we received a call from our sweet adoption councilor letting us know we were clear to tell everyone....and tell them we did :).  One day I am sure we will share the video with all you bloggy friends.

BUT...the story doesn't end here, in fact this really is just the beginning and if you thought this was awesome, you ain't heard nothin' yet!  Stay tuned...

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