Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where in the world are Patrick and Heather Janson....

Are you hearing the theme from Carmen San Diego yet?  By now I'm sure you are among the few who are asking this very question.  We haven't moved or disappeared, we have just been extremely busy.  In short the Seminary I work for has spent the past three years preparing for their accreditation visit.  Shortly before I returned to work in January I was asked to take the lead in planning all the logistics for the visit that would occur in MARCH!!! YIKES!!!  This was a HUGE undertaking as these visits happen once every 10 years, so I was greatly honored to be asked and in January hit the ground running.  To keep a very long story short, the visit went better than I could have asked after the countless hours of work that had been put into it.

To those of you who have faithfully been checking in THANK YOU! Now that life is starting to slow down we have a backlog of pictures from November to present day.  So be prepared to see Jaedon grow before your very eyes!

Love you all,
Patrick and Heather

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