Sunday, December 19, 2010

On to month 2

Hello Month 2!  We cannot believe how fast time is moving and how quickly Jaedon is growing.  Each day it seems he changes a little more and we are fascinated by just watching this little guy.  He is truly the light of our life and we just simply adore him!
To say Jaedon is growing like a weed is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT!  Since he is our first baby we have nothing to measure him against, so when we went for his 2 month visit imagine our shock to find out he is about a month ahead developmentally!  The pediatrician told us not to be surprised if he is crawling by 3.5-4 months, OH MY!  He is a very strong baby, already holding himself up on his arms and legs. 

Mr. Jaedon is now 11.8 lbs and 23" long.  He is measuring in the 71% for his height, he is going to be one tall little boy!  Jaedon is now holding his head up on his own, which means he wants to be looking around all the time.  He has found his voice, his hands and his tong.  The drool has begun and the we are spitting everywhere because that is what you do when you finally realize what your tong does :-).  He is sleeping in his own room and boy does he like to sleep!  We are now going 10-12 hours through the night, but the pediatrician has assured us this is a great thing and part of the reason he is growing so well. He is still struggling with the reflux, but with the help of some great meds we seem to be 90% better than last month, praise Jesus!  We keep praying for complete healing from it.  

We love our little happy baby boy so much!  We love watching him grow and seeing the world through his eyes.  Each day there is something new for him to discover and he is so animated it makes it even more fun!  By far the best part of my day is just getting to sit and talk to him, hearing him coo and seeing him smile back at me.  I love being his mommy, he is such a blessing to us!  

Enjoy the pics from month 2....on to month 3....

Look mom I found my tong!

Post bath time, nice and relaxed

Growing to big for his "Hot Tub".  

Wanna see me lift my head...

Here I go....

Success!!  Mommy aren't you proud of me!

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