Sunday, December 19, 2010

Under the Christmas Tree...

One of the traditions we have in our house is laying under the Christmas tree after it is all decorated.  We turn off all the lights in the house and leave just the tree lights on.  There is just something about the sparkle, the Christmas music, the peace and quiet, the simplicity of just laying under the tree.  I LOVE IT!  This year was even more special because we got to see it through the eyes of our son.  It gave a whole new joy to this precious tradition.  To see Jaedon's eyes light up, lets just say I needed the tissue....see for yourself.... 

His first glance, precious!

He was completely enthralled with the tree lights.

He kept smiling and giggling

He loves his tree

"I wonder what Santa's putting under here for me???" LOL!


  1. Awww...just precious! i love his smile and his dimples. So adorable. You guys are so blessed by such a beautiful baby. Praise the Lord!

  2. he i just the sweetest little thing!im sitting here crying just looking not only at his face but yours as well!i love you sister and i have never seen you this happy,yes patrick makes you light up,but there is something about having a child that can open and grow a new part of your heart that you never knew you had!i cant wait to hold sweet jaedon!i love you guys!

  3. What a wonderful and blessed Christmas it must have been. I'm so happy for you guys!