Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New York here we come...

Crazy, certifiably nuts, out of our minds, insane...or perhaps just following where He leads.  When we moved from Texas to New Mexico just 7 short months ago we had no idea what God had in store.  In our minds and our plan this was permanent, we were moving home to a place we loved, near Patrick's family and our dearest friends.  Although we were leaving my family behind, we knew we would be less then a day's drive from them.  We quickly fell in love with our new church family, rented a beautiful house from close friends and began to plant ourselves.  But God slowly began to reveal that He had other plans for our little family.

Leaving out the months of little details, in December God opened a door and Patrick accepted a position as Student Ministry Pastor at a church in New York.  This was by far one of the most difficult and yet incredibly peaceful decisions we have ever had to make.   In the past 13 years of ministry I have come to learn that following where God leads, means having the obedience to go when He says it's time.  For those of you who know us best you know this decision was not made lightly, nor was it an easy one to make.  We are leaving behind family, our best friends, a beautiful house and an amazing group of youth to move to an unfamiliar area.  But we know we are going exactly where He wants us.  

As hard as the decision was, we are absolutely thrilled.  God has chosen us to fill this role and we will serve Him fully and completely as we have in each place He has planted us.  We are blessed to be apart of yet another group of amazing students and we look forward to how God will use us in their lives as He has in many others.  I have no doubt He will be holding us up during this very short transition.  For someone who is a planner by nature, I feel I am completely out of my comfort zone and yet I have complete peace.  Further confirmation we are following His lead.  

So speaking of transition....

We will officially be sending our belongings out a week from today and we will depart New Mexico for New York on January 12th.  We are excited!  We continue to pray for Gods hand in this transition.  I'm sure their will be many more blogs to come, with all the changes that lay ahead.  I promise to complete Jaedon's birth story in the coming months, we have been a bit busy.  

So please pray with us....

We ask that you would join us in praying for protection as we are moving in the middle of winter, for peace over baby Jae, for all the minor details to come together, for us in the heartache of saying goodbye and for comfort in starting over in a new place.  

We don't believe for a instant that moving to New Mexico was not apart of God's plan for our lives.  As short a period of time as it was, we can see God had us here for a very specific reason.  I truly believe He has ordained each of our steps and just as He brought us here I am confident He is taking us to New York.  In that I find my great joy and complete peace.

Many Blessings,

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  1. Wait! We haven't even seen you yet and you're already leaving!?!? Nooooo! The Shopes will be in major prayer for you three as you embark on the next chapter of your journey!